Days fading to dark.... we are honored to be a part of the 12th Occurence of Cascadian Yule, held this year at Millersylvania State Park. We will be performing on Solstice Night, December 20th. All details can be found here:

"Unraveling; Arising" will see a a CD and Vinyl release through Sweden's Temple of Torturous Records, with a prospective release date of early spring.

The first journey undertaken by With The End In Mind has come to a close. We set out to perform in unconventional and wild places, to challenge and engage those who shared the space with us. It is difficult to express the amount of gratitude that we feel to those who helped us on this journey... those who coordinated the shows, opened their homes to us, and joined us for these special nights along the West Coast. 

In other news, Unraveling; Arising will see a proper release on both CD and vinyl LP, with LP's hopefully available by the end of 2016. More details TBA.